Beach booms BARRACUDA

Very fast to implement, the dam BOOM BEACH is used to prevent this. It contributes to:

    • ensure the cleanliness of bathing areas, jellyfish, seaweed ...
    • protect stations seawater industrial sites (manufacturing according to the situation) pumping.
The use of foam avoid besides the operation of inflating and deflated while the application and boom Storage. The float does not present any bump to avoid all physical scratch. Further to be a barrier against floating waste, BEACH BOOM has a freeboard of 15 cm (it is water height out) is remarkable space of communication (advertisement, marking) The net is in white colour to stay visible, is faintly ballast to suit the sea bottom to preserve fauna and flora.


Protection and prevention
BEACH BOOM is made of standard sections of 25 m length. Each section is composed with foam (flat block in barracuda’s basis or round foam on goeland’s basis) with closed cell included in waterproof compartment and with a chain included in a wrapping. The chain is used as a ballast and provides the mechanic resistance of the boom.

beach booms beach booms

beach booms


It is designed with compartmentalized foam, the characteristic of the BEACH BOOM is a good flexibility that makes easier its installation. It suits perfectly to all the movements of the water surface. The float is composed of foam flat block or cylindrical. It depends of the basis if it is BARRACUDA BOOM OR GOELAND. The connection between sections is easy and simple to install and does not need any set of tool. The immersed part is composed of a white net with mesh of 25 mm and a classic height of 2 m . The net has ballast at the lower part with rope 3 strand of 100g/300g/ml depending on your request. The cell closed foam is used in the float fabrication, this gives to it a perfect buoyancy even with accidental tear.

beach booms sea


Technical DATA

beach booms sea



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  • FWP a division of EP2 group
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